The fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world. We are trying to do our bit by turning people away from disposable fast fashion and on to the joys of vintage clothing and accessories. 


While many of the items we stock were manufactured decades ago, we feel that vintage items have a reassuring quality and sense of permanence that you simply don't get from modern products. As Yves Saint-Laurent once said, 'Fashions fade, style is eternal'.


We source most of our items locally to support our local community and to cut down on carbon emissions. In order to avoid overproduction and excess stock, we order our modern items in small batches.


We try to avoid plastic packaging wherever possible. Occasionally, we may reuse packaging that we've salvaged so that it doesn't go to land fill. Our mail bags are made from a bi-product of sugar cane and fully recyclable or brown paper. Our jiffy bags are made from 100% recycled paper.